We’ve been thinking and talking a lot about mapping evidence lately, in several different projects. We thinking about mapping to help people discover our Cochrane Airways Group reviews. To map out the important clinical questions or comparisons in an area. To identify gaps in reviews. Several ideas kicking around, but in the meantime, here is […]

Today I’m reading about taxonomy and data mining. In a bid to get some pretty and quick results, ahem, some useful information about themes that come up in our reviews I made some wordles. The wordles below are result of harvesting the abstract text from the reviews on the respective disease areas in our scope: […]

I am very interested in involving lay people* in the work of the group, so have tried a few things to get the public involved over the past 3 years. We’re strapped for time and organizing so-called focus groups is time-consuming so we have talked about it but haven’t done it – and I’m pretty […]

Hey people, I’m at the Cochrane Colloquium in Quebec and excited in a way that I have never been excited at one of these events. There is an bubbling undercurrent of innovative ideas for reducing the difficulty and time that it takes to write systematic reviews and it feels like real tangible change is possible. […]

Various people, including the founder of the Cochrane Collaboration have recently remarked within my earshot that Cochrane Systematic Reviews take too long. Finding ourselves unable to respond with evidence, Liz and I hatched a plan to find out if this is true. We think that Cochrane Review Groups need to know whether there is a […]

I plan to use this blog to post up ideas I have related to my work with the Cochrane Collaboration and anything that springs to mind around systematic reviews, presenting healthcare information for the public and transparent reporting of data etc etc. I also like cats, the apple tree in my garden and baking bread, […]